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Problem formulation & challenges

Document management: Lack of real-time synchronization between international branches led to a lag in document sharing, leading to procedural delays and inefficiencies.

Lack of coordination: Factory and marketing teams were not aligned, causing discord in operations.

Communication overload: Excessive time wasted in redundant communications.

Data deficiency: Absence of actionable insights for prompt and effective decision-making.

Limited access to reports: No streamlined reports for shipment details, sales performance, shipment, expenses and payments.

Slow decision-making: Lack of insightful data for making informed decisions.

Contextual background

Industry:Ceramic tiles manufacturing and export

Geographic scope:Global

Time frame: 3 months for complete implementation

Team composition: Cross-functional team from bhabha exports and shipzy

Strategic approach & solutions implemented

Shipzy's cloud software architecture offers multi-modal solutions that uniquely address bhabha exports challenges:

Automated Document Generation: Cross-functional accessibility to key documents irrespective of geographical locations.

Order Management: A centralized dashboard that captures, tracks, and displays export purchase orders.

Real-time reporting and analytics: Provision of granular data points for immediate and long-term strategic decision-making.


Implementation duration: 3 months.

Team composition: A dedicated team of six specialists—software engineers, designers, qa, and project manager. Challenges overcome: Customizing software to understand and adapt to the ceramic tiles export industry’s nuanced requirements like country-specific document formats (e.G., rex number for some countries) and different document formats countries like greece .


The implementation led to multiple quantifiable and qualitative benefits:

  • Increase team efficiency.
  • Drastic reduction in document errors
  • Time savings in communication and document management.
  • Enhanced Brand Value and Credibility.
  • Centralization of data, accessible globally
  • Customer testimonial

    With shipzy, we have significantly reduced document errors, resulting in smoother customs clearance and improved customer satisfaction. It's easy to find all documents in one place

    - Tiles exporter, bhabha exports

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