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A packing list itemises the contents of each package (box, pallets, etc). It includes weights, measurements and detailed lists of the goods in each package. The packing list should be included in carton or package, and can be attached to the outside of a package with a copy inside. Our Export business order management software includes a packing list feature to help you streamline your shipping process. Easily create and manage packing lists from commercial invoice to ensure accurate and efficient shipment of your products. Accurate and detailed packing lists can help ensure that the shipment clears customs without delays or penalties.

Here's how we can help you

  • Ensure that everything is in compliance with import/export regulations
  • Two types of packing list a) automated b) detailed packing list
  • Ensure accurate and efficient shipment of your products

Our Clients

Comprehensive packing list creation

Shipzy software allows you to create comprehensive packing lists that include all the necessary details for your shipments. This includes item descriptions, quantities, weights, dimensions, and any special handling instructions. Our packing list feature ensures that all the necessary information is included to ensure a smooth shipping process. Customs officials use packing lists to verify the contents of a shipment and ensure that everything is in compliance with import/export regulations.

Proforma Invoice

Simplify shipment verification by packing list

Shipzy’s packing list feature makes verification of shipments easy and convenient. With our software, you can easily compare the contents of the shipment against the packing list to ensure that everything is accounted for. This reduces the risk of errors and ensures that your shipments arrive at their intended destination intact.

Proforma Invoice

Managing logistics

Packing lists provide important information about the weight, dimensions, and quantity of each item in a shipment. This information is critical for calculating shipping costs, arranging transportation, and managing logistics.

Automatic packing list data entry

With our software, you no longer need to manually enter shipping information into your packing lists. Our system automatically pulls data from other areas of your order management software, such as your order and inventory data, to ensure that all necessary information is included in the packing list. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Customer Satisfaction and streamline your shipping process

Accurate packing lists can help ensure that customers receive the correct items in good condition and on time. This can improve customer satisfaction and help build long-term relationships with customers. By using our packing list feature, you can streamline your shipping process and improve the efficiency of your business. With accurate and comprehensive packing lists, you can ensure that your shipments arrive at their intended destination in a timely and secure manner.

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