Streamline your export business with easy to use software.

Commercial invoice, tax invoice, packing list, contract, proforma invoice, purchase order, bl draft, annexure c, export business profit, order summary report with inwards, expenses, profit/loss and everything in between - shipzy is all you need to streamline your export business operations in one platform.

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For all size of export business

Whether you are exporting 5 containers per month or 500 shipments, by using the shipzy software, you can reduce errors like packaging , gross weight, increase efficiency, document management and improve your bottom line.

Export business is hard.
Managing quality with timelines is even harder

Our export documentation software is designed to help companies manage their export business processes more efficiently. shipzy software includes features such as quality specifications, packaging specifications, order tracking, shipping, invoicing, and customer management. by using shipzy cloud export import software, companies can automate many of their export business processes, reducing errors and saving time and money.

Top reasons
Why people use Shipzy

  • 85% 360-degree business visibility
  • 95% Less error possibilities
  • 85% No risk of quality or material errors
  • 80% Easy to get information
  • 99% High security
  • 9% Others

Evolution of export import business management

1800s - Paper-based management:
Late 20th century - excel management:
Late 20th to early 21st century - local server-based offline management:
21st century to present - cloud software for export import business management:

With shipzy as your export import success partner,
You can leave pain to us and focus on your business growth

Shipzy notify you for loadings due, pending purchase, pending payments and staff activities. shipzy helps you create pro-forma invoice , purchase order, manage customers details, packing, packaging materials/pellets , ports, vendors list, quality specifications, payment terms, shipment terms and much more.

  • Document Automation
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Shipzy Drive
  • Reports
  • Manage Expenses

Boost efficiency with shipzy's document automation

Make the smart switch today and elevate your business efficiency. elevate your export-import business with shipzy's document automation feature . generate crucial documents like proforma invoices, sales contracts , and invoices in seconds. eliminate manual mistakes, ensure compliance, and accelerate your workflow for maximised efficiency and profitability.

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Real-time shipment tracking with Shipzy

Get real-time visibility into your export activities, specially designed for indian businesses. shipzy's shipment tracking feature allows you to monitor statuses like "CFS Reached," "container Booked," and more. stay ahead with timely alerts for overdue pos and container bookings. make informed decisions and optimise your export operations for maximum efficiency.

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Your export import
document hub

Simplify your export-import document management with shipzy drive. centralise all critical documents—invoices, purchase orders, container stuffing photos, and delivery proofs—in one secure, easy-to-access cloud drive. streamline your workflow and increase efficiency. Make export import document access easy and convenient.

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Data-driven export
business insights

Get powerful insights with shipzy's reporting feature. get comprehensive reports on shipments , sales, contracts, payments, and expenses. filter by country, currency, customer, and more to make data-driven decisions that optimise your export business. Elevate your strategy and achieve better outcomes.

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Easy expense management
with shipzy

Maximise profitability in your export-import business using Shipzy's expense management feature. automatically track purchase orders , brokerage fees, and customise additional costs, all in real-time. gain transparent financial insights and identify cost-saving opportunities to streamline operations and boost your bottom line.

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Our Clients

Shipzy manage all your
export import process with highest accuracy

Manage many shipment at same time with ease and accuracy.

With due reminders and clear visibility of purchse process, business can grow more with less.

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Shipzy's architecture designed in a way that, anyone can quickly understand and master the software.

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300+ export import businesses across the India have already switched to Shipzy

With shipzy, we have significantly reduced document errors, resulting in smoother customs clearance and improved customer satisfaction. It's easy to find all documents in one place. Show More

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Shipzy is a game-changer for our export businesses. It has revolutionised our documentation process, saving us hours of manual work. The ability to create documents from anywhere is truly amazing! Show More

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More reasons to try shipzy today

  • Trusted by indian exporter

    Government recogmised export houses trust shipzy.

  • Shipzy support

    We believe support is the only way to succeed, shipzy's success story is totally dedicated to our support team.

  • Customization

    You don't need to change way of working for software, we will change software for you.

  • Easy to use

    Shipzy is easy. you don't need any prior experience with any software to make shipzy work for you. shipzy is easy and is designed to simply work through proper method.

  • Easy on your budget

    Missing important details in purchase order or invoice is 100x costlier than shipzy's cost.

  • Easy availability

    Customer asking you to send PI for advance payment? make it quick with shipzy. shipzy's web and mobile app accessibility allow to manage business from anywhere, anytime..