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Document management: employees were constrained to office locations for generating essential business documents such as invoices and quotations, often leading to delays in customer services.

Purchase order errors: frequent miscommunications resulted in incorrect orders to suppliers.

No written pos: a lack of written purchase orders allowed vendors to add extra charges during delivery.

inefficient communication: excessive time spent on calls to check shipment and document statuses.

Limited access to reports: no streamlined reports for shipment details, sales performance, shipment, expenses and payments.

Slow Decision-making: lack of insightful data for making informed decisions.


Customer:spices exporter and manufacturer (since 1983)

Geographic scope:global operations

Time frame: 4 months for implementation

Participants: cross-functional team from raj international and shipzy

Shipzy cloud software for export import business’s comprehensive solution addressed these specific pain points through

Automated document generation: enabled anytime-anywhere access to vital documents.

Order Management: centralized export purchase orders/worksheet to reduce mistakes.

Real-time reporting and analytics: delivers insightful reports for smarter decision-making.


Time : 4 months.

Teams : 7 professionals including software engineers, designers, and a project manager.

Obstacles : Initial difficulties in understanding the terminology of the export industry were overcome through extensive market research and customer engagement.


  • Increase in operational efficiency by 50%.
  • Significant time savings..
  • Enhanced brand value.
  • Centralized, easily accessible data platform.
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    Shipzy is a game-changer for our export business. It has revolutionized our documentation process, saving us hours of manual work. the ability to create documents from anywhere is truly amazing!''

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